People concentrate on accumulating money for retirement but neglect to think about the toll that taxes can take on their retirement income. Steve & Mark ask, " Would you rather pay a tax on every saved $ at a tax rate that is unknown or pay the tax now when rates are at their lowest?"

It's Super Bowl Sunday and Steve & Mark discuss how employing the same principles that make Tom Brady a success will work for you to create financial security.  

Now that bond rates are approaching negative returns, money managers are at a loss as to mitigating portfolio risk. For those who are retired, the question is "Why are you in a risky portfolio?" Steve and Mark raise a number of questions worth considering.   

Market sell-offs aren't the only thing that can put one's retirement at risk. Taxes in retirement can shrink that pot of gold significantly. Steve and Mark define qualified money and explain why it's important to understand it.

The market is historically high, taxes are historically low. Both are unsustainable. There may never be a better opportunity in our lifetime to take advantage of this by moving money into tax-free accounts. 

If you buy insurance for your house, why not buy insurance for your retirement? Mitigating retirement risk is no different than mitigating the risks associated with one's home or car. Steve & Mark noodle on why there is such resistance to the idea. 

Steve & Mark clarify some misconceptions around financial planning and present an interesting case study.

Listen to Steve and Mark for the answer!

Steve & Mark give us a short course in macroeconomics and explain why a little inflation is a good thing.

Steve & Mark discuss the options available to maintain your retirement income in this low-interest-rate environment.

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