Let's get real; jumping into the ocean when you run out of money isn't a retirement plan. We are all living longer so planning for it is a MUST. Steve and Jen Rezac discuss how Asset Based Care can help.

Why have all your money in the market when you can have secure income backed by a contract? Steve and Mark explain how.

If you are using the market as the basis for your retirement you need to be defensive. Steve & Mark go through the numbers to show how it works.

With the possibility of a 30-year retirement you can't afford to have a leak in your pool of money. Steve & Mark illustrate why your money needs to be in a pool that gets replenished.

The Free Money Guys, Steve & Mark, are back with a new episode. Mark discusses his work with a client and why it's important to separate 'investments' from 'income'.

Steve & Mark will be back next week with a new Free to Retire program. Enjoy this segment about the best time to take your Social Security benefit. Steve & Mark share some interesting statistics and discuss why following the herd isn't always the best strategy.

Steve & Mark will be back in a few weeks with a new show format. In the meantime enjoy this Best Of Series in which they talk about keeping more of your money by reducing taxes. A lot more money, as it happens. Give us a listen, and then give us a call!

Building a nest egg is one thing. Making the nest egg last is another. Having the right investment model for each is critical to a secure retirement.  

March 8, 2019

Beware of Guarantees

Ken Fisher says guarantees are bad. REALLY? Steve and Mark have fun with the idea that receiving a monthly check for life can be a burden.

Steve and Mark give a good overview of annuity products They discuss deferred, immediate, variable and fixed.  Pay particular attention to the discussion on hybrid annuities near the end of the show. 

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