If you are a taxes-fees-risk kind of person, this show may not be for you. On the other hand, if you want safety and security in retirement, stay tuned. Steve and Mark also describe the differences between Closed Funds, ETFs, and Mutual Funds.

Moving from a Defined Benefits Plan (pension) to a Defined Contribution Plan (401k) is more than just semantics. Nowhere else in life, with the exception of retirement income, does one make financial decisions without knowing the benefit. Steve provides some great illustrations for your consideration.

Steve & Mark stress the importance of using the right financial vehicles to meet your goals. Within the confines of a 401k you may have some options that you should consider.

Steve and Mark go over the history of 401ks and annuities. When 401ks went into effect pensions were costing companies 8%. It's no wonder they were eager to transfer these liabilities to their employees. 

When you are using your nest egg as income to live on it is critical to have a source of new-money inflow. Otherwise, you are just draining the pool. Steve & Mark highlight some interesting scenarios for you to consider.

80% of men die married while 80% of women die single. Steve and Jen give you the facts on why it's important to have difficult financial talks with the family before something happens.

Let's get real; jumping into the ocean when you run out of money isn't a retirement plan. We are all living longer so planning for it is a MUST. Steve and Jen Rezac discuss how Asset Based Care can help.

Why have all your money in the market when you can have secure income backed by a contract? Steve and Mark explain how.

If you are using the market as the basis for your retirement you need to be defensive. Steve & Mark go through the numbers to show how it works.

With the possibility of a 30-year retirement you can't afford to have a leak in your pool of money. Steve & Mark illustrate why your money needs to be in a pool that gets replenished.

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