Do your investments represent value? Do they produce revenue? Steve and Mark discuss the perils of a market reminescent of 2000.

Steve & Mark offer a good explanation of both Medicare & Social Security in this listener question radio show.

Leaving assets to one's ex-spouse may not have been in the plan but it can happen. Steve & Mark relate several stories that underscore how important it is to keep one's financial papers, such as beneficiaries, password accounts, etc. up-to-date. 

Long-term healthcare planning is part of retirement planning. One listener asks, "How does one handle L-T healthcare planning"? Steve and Mark have an innovative solution. 

July 13, 2021

Mail Bag Day

Today's mail bag questions focus on home ownership. Should you pay off the mortgage; is a reverse mortgage a good idea; what about leaving the house to the kids? Steve and Mark raise goods points for families to think about.

Mark is off fishing and Steve and Melissa have a open discussion about why it is so important to make your wishes known to family and friends.

Steve and Mark discuss an on-going estate planning case which demonstrates the complexities of the planning process and why consulting with an expert can save you a lot of money.

Listen to Steve and Mark as they discuss the multitude of changes being proposed for estate taxes that can have a dire effect on your estate plan and beneficiaries.

Fear of losing and fear of losing out are huge factors in investment decisions. Steve talks about how investment mistakes, based on this emotion, can be avoided.

May 19, 2021

Have you heard?

Steve and Mark discuss some of the financial changes being proposed in Washington. Doubling the capital gains tax for top wage earners is one.

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