Building a nest egg is one thing. Making the nest egg last is another. Having the right investment model for each is critical to a secure retirement.  

March 8, 2019

Beware of Guarantees

Ken Fisher says guarantees are bad. REALLY? Steve and Mark have fun with the idea that receiving a monthly check for life can be a burden.

Steve and Mark give a good overview of annuity products They discuss deferred, immediate, variable and fixed.  Pay particular attention to the discussion on hybrid annuities near the end of the show. 

Limited choices, restricted access, safe harbors, and fees, the structure of 401ks makes one wonder who they were meant to benefit.

February 15, 2019

Still rolling the dice?

Market cycles haven't gone away even though, in good times, we don't like to think about what's coming. The market has gone up considerably since 2010. Isn't it time to move your money to a safer place?

In this Best of Free to Retire Radio segment Steve & Mark ruminate on the importance of using the best materials for building a product to last. If commercial airplanes are built to last 30 - 40 years without crashing why are folks building retirement plans that won't stand the test of time?

With so many mutual funds moving in tandem it's obvious that outside forces make the market move. Forget about selling at the top and buying at the bottom. Momentum strategy is more successful with less stress.

In this Best of Free to Retire Radio segment, Steve discusses the myths we often accept as truth and how this thinking can hurt us by closing the door to alternative strategies and solutions.

After a bit of chit-chat, Steve & Mark talk about how market swings can desensitize investors to the fact that a prolonged downturn may be coming. We are in a period of pure market risk which has less to do with the securities one holds and more to do with world forces that are out of one's control. 

George Perkins joins Steve and Mark for an historical perspective on the financial planning industry. They recap 2018 and provide some insights for where 2019 may be heading.  

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