Steve and Mark present an interesting case in which a very comfortable retirement can turn into near poverty under certain circumstances. It's worth a listen.

A good coach educates his players and assists them in working toward a goal. Your financial planner should act as your coach in reaching your retirement goals. 

September 13, 2019

Mail Bag Day

Steve and Mark answer questions from their listeners. What's with the free meal seminar? As a contract worker what investment vehicles should I use to build a retirement account? Hear the answer to those and many more.

The Free Money Guys discuss ways to leverage your money to provide for Long Term Care as well as some of the practices within the financial planning industry with which they don't agree. 

August 12, 2019

Mail Bag Day

Steve & Mark answer a potpourri of questions from their viewers. Are inherited annuities taxable? What's a "stretch IRA?" Learn the answers to these and more.

Steve and Mark share a few laughs and move on to talk about cognitive biases. In this very informative Free Money Guys program you will learn about the endowment effect, the sunk-cost effect and much more.

Steve and Mark give some good advice as it relates to choosing and keeping an adviser. A listener favorite, they also answer a few questions from the "Mailbag".

If you are a taxes-fees-risk kind of person, this show may not be for you. On the other hand, if you want safety and security in retirement, stay tuned. Steve and Mark also describe the differences between Closed Funds, ETFs, and Mutual Funds.

Moving from a Defined Benefits Plan (pension) to a Defined Contribution Plan (401k) is more than just semantics. Nowhere else in life, with the exception of retirement income, does one make financial decisions without knowing the benefit. Steve provides some great illustrations for your consideration.

Steve & Mark stress the importance of using the right financial vehicles to meet your goals. Within the confines of a 401k you may have some options that you should consider.

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