At the 11th hour Congress attached The Secure Act to an appropriations bill that went into effect January 1, 2020. Steve and Mark go over some of the significant changes that could have tax implications for you down the road.

Mark in green pants, purple socks, and orange shoelaces? Even bad dressers can give good retirement-planning advice. Listen to Steve, Mark and Jen discuss the importance of focusing on outcomes, not inputs.

Steve and Mark discuss the value of provisional tax planning and why age 59 1/2 through 70 is the ideal time to plan for an optimal retirement.

Although market gurus tout that you should expect 7% - 9% market returns year after year, the facts tell a different story. From 2000 to today, the S&P 500 has had annual returns of only 4 1/2%. Steve & Mark engage in a lively discussion of 401k fees and how you can get market-linked gains without market losses. 

Studies have shown that investors are their own worst enemy. Money managers routinely recommend a diversified portfolio, but is that really what the average investor ends up with? Steve explains what true diversification looks like and discusses how to arrive at your risk tolerance number.

How do you go broke when you retire with millions of dollars? It's easier then you think! Steve and Mark review some of the mistakes people make when they come into a pot of money, whether that's retirement money or lottery winnings.

Steve & Mark provide some insights into market psychology and how you can protect your assets just by being more aware of what's happening.

Borrowing from yourself and paying yourself back with interest? Steve and Mark discuss the advantages of a life insurance policy over a 401K or IRA.

October 25, 2019

Crafting your Retirement

Planning for retirement can be very daunting. In this very entertaining segment of the Free Money Guys, Steve & Mark talk about decoupling your money from your identity and give an illustration of how one couple has done just that. 

Steve and Mark present an interesting case in which a very comfortable retirement can turn into near poverty under certain circumstances. It's worth a listen.

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